Welcome to the Drunken Golem

Drunken:Golem provides some of my webcoding projects, that were polished to be released for Open Source purposes and a wide range of users. Currently there is the D:G Gaming Portal in an early Alpha Release and information for the upcoming D:G Research Assistant Database.
  1. Gaming Portal
  2. Research Assistant Database

1. Drunken:Golem Gaming Portal

The Gaming Portal is a Content Management System for gaming website owners only. It provides lots of features that any webmaster of a gaming site desperatly needs...

1.1 Features

  • Based on successful and popular open source software like Smarty and phpBB.
  • Includes powerful Admin Area with complex multi-user-management for all your needs
  • Supported Sections currently: News, Articles, Game-Overview, Downloads, Links, Votes/Polls, Quotes, Recordings (Only Tribes:Vengeance Supported yet), Frequently Asked Questions, Screenshot Galleries and Image Upload, Betting (not properly included into admin section yet).
  • Using state of the art webdesign with HTML and CSS.
  • RSS-Feeds included (feature not yet completed fully, but working already)
  • Integraded phpBB supports a lively community.

1.2 Screenshots

1.3 Download Gaming Portal

1.4 In Progress - Upcoming Changes

  • Implementing internal forum (phpBB as basis is just to huge and hard to change)
  • Implementing language system
  • Fixing thousands of bugs

2. Drunken:Golem Research Assistant Database

Research Assistant Database will be a blessing for students, professors and other people with researching interents in any topic. The System will provide a huge functional apparatus to manage research projects and keep an overview over your readings. It will allow you to add notes, quotations and reminders to resources and projects. It has a mighty search engine enabling you to find whatever you saved in the database even years after you entered it.

2.1 Features

  • Add and Manage Books, Articles, Links, Videos and much more into a detailed database.
  • Work on Research Projects and make use of all the notes you ever made to your resources.
  • Use a powerful search engine to find anything you ever entered into this database.
  • Work on Research Projects with your colleagues and share resources and notes.
  • Create PDF Files with information from your resources and projects to be able to work off the screen.
  • Upload Files and Working Papers and manage them.

2.2 Screenshots

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